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You can find us at St. Jacobs Market every Thursday and Saturday for in-person refills. Booth 407.

Leave Joy, not Waste

Zero Waste, 100% Compostable Packaging

With our combined 26 years working in manufacturing with big brands, we know how much companies contribute to waste... and we're determined to be different. Our product packaging is zerowaste, and most is even compostable. So browse, and buy guilt-free, my friend. Packaging waste? We don't do that here.

Crafted with Organic Essential Oils and Extracts

All Natural Bath Bombs

Decadent Hemp Body Butter

Organic Canadian Hemp Seed Oil, combined with nourishing Fair Trade butters and oils.

Treat Your Skin to Sustainable Luxury

Our hemp-based skincare line is carefully crafted to nourish and protect your skin, using the powerful benefits of the hemp plant.

From hydrating face masks to nourishing body butter, our hemp skincare products provide a natural solution to enhance your daily beauty routine.

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Refills, not Landfills

Our Journey Begins with Bulk

Here at Vox, we believe that luxurious and effective products do not need to compromise the planet.

This is why we are dedicated to the creation of high-quality and zero-waste, bath and body products that make use of Organic Canadian Hemp Seed Oil.

We begin our journey by offering B2B services that provide sustainable, package-free bulk options for stores. 

This is to help empower businesses in taking proactive steps in reducing waste through easy and efficient refills.

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Naturally Scented Aromatherapy Zen Stones